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Eileen W. Richter, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA
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Visit the Richter AIR site for more information: www.richterair.com

Latest innovations:
Inflatables with a variety of shapes and surfaces to challenge and release fixed muscles and work to strengthen more dynamic stability patterns with balanced mobility.

The Mountain
The Hill
The Barrel
The Log
The Hotdog (Barrel with Log inside)
The Ocean Wave

These products offer endless opportunities for total body movement combining sensory motor experiences with spatial components.

The inflatables are now available in the US. To order: RAIR Inflatables

The Baby Boundex® and 
Toddler Tumblex
A new form of spandex apparatus that does not require suspension points. The significant aspect of the these items lies in the exceptional (and safe) sensory motor experience they offer the baby and toddler.

The Baby Boundex® is now available.To order: Baby Boundex